The carded figures did not any individual charcter backers. The card art was only different if the character was a good guy or a bad guy. The good guy card would depict Jake, Tracey, and Eddie. The bad guy card would depict Prime Evi, Scared Stiff, and Brat-A-Rat. The cards were die cut, bubbles that fitted the character and overall, they display well.

    Spainish and European cards do not have much difference compared to the North American release. These Spainish figures were produced (or the package was) by Comansi. The cards and figures are the same, card stock, printing quality, bubble and even the poster. The only slight difference is the language. Compare and contrast the spelling of "Ghostbusters" on both pictures above and below. The North American carded figures are much tougher to locate than the Spainish ones which have saturated the market.

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