Filmation's Ghostbuster toy series was a short lasting toy line. Tomarts Main volume (1) gives a huge description of what this line really is about. There was a live show of Filmation Ghostbusters that aired in 74'-76' on Tv. This show even had Tracy the ape! It all died there, but when Ghostbreakers the movie with Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramos (Ghostbusters) was being thought of, the producers of Filmations sued, and got the rights for the name Ghostbusters and brought out a cartoon bearning the name. The cartoon was only different with the actual enemies. That's the short version of it all.

    The toy line was made by Schaper. Schaper was bought by Tyco, and there are some rare figures and toys with the Tyco marking on them. The line was short lived, but produced some very colorful and detailed figures that resembled the charcters in the cartoon. The vehicles Schaper produced were beautifully done, the transformation of the buggy was exactly as it transformed in the cartoon series. The vehicle and playsets of the series are very tough to find. The figures were quite rare, until the oversea's sellers dumped them in Nort America.

Filmation's Ghostbuster figures

Filmation's Evil Spooks figures

Carded Filmation Ghostbusters

Futura's Time Hopper

Filmation's Ghostbustes Mini 2" Figures

Unproduced Prototype Mini 2" Glow Figures

Ghost Command Center Mock-Up Box Prototype

Filmation GB bone Troller Artwork

Filmation GB Cel "Eddie"

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