Machine Robo Series (C-11 to C-15)

    Another strange line of knock-offs is the Machine Robo Series C-11 to C-13. There were 3 toys in the series, which seems to be a common thread with these knock-offs. C-11 was a Blue Dive-Dive, C-12 was all Orange Spoons and C-13 was a White Night Ranger. The figures did have die-cast parts, and even came with a unique sticker sheet! But each figure also says the number of the figure on its back, as well as the stickers. The toys were knock-offs of the original Japanese Machine Robo series, not Gobots. But slight alterations have been made on some. The handlebars on C-13 can swing in and out, which is actualy a really nice feature that was never on the Bandai toy. The figures and packages only say "Made in Taiwan", and no company name.

    Recently found is a boxed version of C-15. The box is the same shape and size of the Machine-Robo pieces and offered 5 robots now. The new additions are C-15 (Flip-Top) and C-14 (Zero). These were the 2nd series of the Machine Robo Series knock-off line.

    There is actually a documented varation in this Knock-off line! The C-12 sticker on the front place was changed at some time. The red on here is a excat copy of the original Gobot sticker, while the green one was created by the knock-off company. Picture Here

C-11 MOC (Dive-Dive Knock-off)

C-12 MOC (Spoons Knock-off)

C-12 Loose (Spoons Knock-off)

C-13 Loose (Night Ranger Knock-off)

C-14 MIB (Zero Knock-off)

C-15 MIB (Flip-Top Knock-off)

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