Toy and cartoon magazines were abundant in the 80's. If the show or toy line had even a hint of success it had a seasonal magazine or what not. GoBots ha it's fair share but started out late. Each issue is contains the typical assortment of letters, fan drawings, games, puzzles, comics, Ask Leader 1, articles of robotic things of the 80's and what the future may hold (very funny), as well as a abundance of advertising from the company who makes it! These bring back a ton of memories and really compliments the show if you were a fan of it.
    The issues are about 28 pages long and did feature some nice cover art. They are tough to find, but they are out there and are cheap. I do not know how many issues were produced. I'm suspecting about 5 or 6. There is more than a year long gap from issue 4 to issue 5, which sucks... cause I had a lot of questions I still want to ask Leader-1.

Issue 1 (Winter 85')
Issue 2 (Spring 86')

Issue 3 (Summer 86')
Issue 4 (Fall 86')

Issue 5 (Winter 86')
Issue 8 (Winter 87')

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