GoBots were the only true rival to Transformers. They both hit the shelves around 1984 and were a instant sucess as we all know. One of the things that led to their downfall was their simple designs and lack of creativeness which was begining to emerge towards the end. In my opinon, the cartoon created by Hanna-Barabara was childish comapred to the characters and story lines of Transformers. Both these factors weighted GoBots down
    GoBots first began in 1980 in Japan by Popy. Popy was the Popy Planning division that was part of Bandai. Popy only made the first 6 before merging back with Bandai. Machine Robo continued on track and became a huge success. The Machine Robo cartoon series even has a great story line and superb animation like Transformers. The toys ranged from the regular series to figues double Transforming GoBots and many other bots which were never released under GoBots. There were even a couple regular Machine Robo's that were never produced inder the GoBots name, such as a Saturn V Rocket (Apollo), Futuristic Trucks and even Bullet Trains!

    When Machine Robo's were finally released in America under the "GoBots", most kids gobbled them up just like Transformers. Robots that turned into cars and planes were the hottest thing, no matter which toy line. When the cartoon series came out for GoBots and Transforers the toys were given a identity. Gobots later continued to even have a movie (which actually appeared in theatre's). The movie introduced another great toy line, Rocklords & Jewel Lords! That was the peak of Go-Bots, though they brought out more toys and different series....kids still desired Transformers.

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