Gobots like many other 80's animted shows appeared from plates, school bags to clothing. There was a wide range of oddball items produced and I'm going to try to show quite a few. A lot of these images are from very old auctions were I nabbed the pictures.

Electric / Battery Operated

Mystery Tunnel Roller Coaster: Pic. 2

Space Chase Race Set: Pic. 2: Pic. 3: Pic. 4

Train Set "HO"

Turn Over Racer: Pic. 2, Pic. 3, Pic. 4


Book & Record: Gobots On Earth

Book: Paint with Water

Book: War of the GoBots

Clothing & Costumes & Accessories

Cop-Tur Halloween Costume (Ben Cooper)

Leader-1 Child's Armor

Sleeping Bag


Bowl & Plate

Bowl (Showing both sides)



Bubble Blowers (All 4 Colors)

My First Cy-Kill

Take-A-Part Go-Bots

Misc. Novelty

3 in 1 Communication System

Animation Cel "Model" of Spoiler & Spoons

Carry Case from Tonka

Big Wheel "Mighty Cycle": Pic. 2

Board Game

Carry Case from Tonka

Dynamite 85' Issue No. 127 "Transformers Vs GoBots"

Erasers "Cy-Kill"

Gobots Magazine (86'-87')

Giant Card Game

GoBums original Art for Wackey Cards

Light Catchers MOSC

Magic Slate Original Art #1 (Pic.2)

Magic Slate Original Art #2 (Pic.2)

Magic Slate Original Art #3 (Pic.2)

Magic Slate Original Art #4 (Pic.2)

Paint-By-Numbers (Baron)

Push Puppets

Rug of Fitor (Handmade)

School Supplies Eraser Cy-Kil & Sharpener Fitor

Walkie Talkie Transforing "Spay-C" Shuttle


Nestle Quick Game Cards

Unknown Transforming Robot

Wendy's Color Activity Book

Wendy's Leader-1 Iron On


Olympiad Galactica Episode Storyboards

Battle Train Boxed: Fumihiko Akiyama
Bowl: Fumihiko Akiyama
Walkie Talkie's "Spay-C": Fumihiko Akiyama
Push Puppets: Fumihiko Akiyama
Leader-1 Armor: Fumihiko Akiyama
Turn Over Racer: Fumihiko Akiyama
Giant Card Game: Fumihiko Akiyama
Roller Coaster: Fumihiko Akiyama
Paint & Water: Fumihiko Akiyama
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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