Gobots #:

Faction: Renegade

Variations: Yes


    Variations: Bandai / Tonka produced the Mail-Away Green Creepy and the regular production purple Creepy.

    Side Notes: The Green Creepy was a Mail-Away only toy. He never came on the card, only in a brown packet mailer. It is still unsure who offered the Green Creepy offer.
    Included with Creepy was a small biography of Creepy which Tonka never created before for any character. This slip also contained and instructions and advertised the Grungy Warrior and Collector Case.

    From the depths of the Antares Star System, on a scorched planet of soot and ash, a modified mutant emerges -- Creepy.
    Through a weird intermingling of metallic and living parts, this fearsome creature arises -- easily able to change from monster-robot to monster-vehicle.
    A welcome recruit to Cy-Kill's band of Renegades, Creepy can use his claws to snap GoBots in half, or send a lethal poison shooting out from his spider legs.
    The worst of all monsters to creep into existence, Creepy thrills to the sport of his deadly games. Even Renegades must take care that Creepy's power doesn't threaten their existence. Guardians -- Beware! The final conflict may be near!

    Thank You Fumihiko Akiyama!

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