This piece is European only and comes from the Germany. It is a interesting piece because almost all Special Offer pieces from Europe are another package with the normal toy slipped into it.

    This is a Special Package 2-pack that was sold as a starter pack for kids to get into He-Man. As you can see it really is 2 MOC figures cased in a extravagent new package. It was released with the first series of figures in Germany.
    The cassette that comes with the 2-pack is not the commercial-tape "The Giants of the universe". It is No. 1 of all 37 cassettes called "Stardust" The story is that Skeletor, the lord of destruction, stole the stardust, the most valuable dust in the universe. He-man has to take away the dust from Skeletor, before he becomes invincible. Skeletor has taken away He-man's Power Sword and hides it within a time vault.

Collection Of: Enno Frehse
Paragraph: Christopher Wille / Alex Bickmore / Arne Hansen
Photo: Arne Hansen

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