He-Man ...Masters of The Universe. The first show that had a legal tie in with toys. This show every kid of the 80's remebers and will never forget. The toys themsleves lasted through 1987 and were brought back as He-Man in 90'-91' The original toys had a good run of over 50+ figures and 20+ vehicles and playsets. Each charachter was unique even though the action figures roughly used the same limbs. He-Man figures are one of the most fun and easy to collect of Action Figure lines.

-------===___Action Figures___===-------

Full Pictured list of
-Figures + Weapons

MOTU Wonder Bread Mail-In He-Man

He-Man "Black" Grizzlor

Evil Lyn Mint In Box (Mexico)

MOTU Meterobs

MOTU Tytus 12" god MIB

MOTU Megator 12" Ogre MIB

Eternia Tyrantisaurus Rex

Eternia Playset

Knock-Off Meteorbs (Bandai/Mattel)

MOTU Unliscensed 12" Skeletor

-----===___ Foreign Action Figures___===-----

He-Man "He-Man" MOC from India

He-Man "Skeletor" MOC from India

-------===___Special Offers___===-------

Special Offer Man-E-Faces w/ Extra Red Weapons MOC

Special Offer He-Man & Skeletor w/ Cassette Tape 2-Pack

Special Offer B.A. He-Man w/ Poster

Special Offer Stonedar w/ Mask

Special Offer Ram Man w/ Cassette MOC

Special Offer Buzz-Off man w/ Cassette MOC

Special Offer Fisto w/ Cassette MOC

Special Offer Hurricane Hordak w/ Cassette MOC


Battle For Eternia Gift Set 3-Pack (Skeletor & Panthor & Man-E-Faces)

3-Pack of Hero Warriors (Teela & He-Man & Ramman)

3-Pack of Hero Warriors (B.A. He-Man & Man-At-Arms & Man-E-Faces)

3-Pack of Hero Warriors (Moss Man & Buzz-Off & Mekaneck)

3-Pack of Evil Warriors (B.A.Skeletor & Webstor & Mer-Man)

2-Pack of He-Man & Battle Cat (Regular)

2-Pack of He-Man & Battle Cat (Battle Armor)

2-Pack of Skeletor & Panthor (Regular)

2-Pack of Skeletor & Panthor (Battle Armor)

2-Pack of Fisto & Stridor

2-Pack of Jitsu & Night-Stalker

2-Pack of Teela & Zoar

2-Pack of Skeletor & Screech (Regular)

2-Pack of He-Man & Road Ripper (Battle Armor)

2-Pack of Skeletor & Land Shark (Battle Armor)

2-Pack of Flying Fists He-Man & Terror Claw Skeletor (!)

2-Pack of He-Man & Jet Sled(!)

2-Pack of Hordak & Grizzlor & Cassette w/ Book

-------===___Prototypes & Employee Material___===-------

Mantisaur Hardcopy

Horde Trooper Hardcopy

Two-Bad Test Shot

Mattel Employee Letter Opener "Power Sword"

-------===___Store Displays___===-------

1982 Store Displays (chalk versions)

1983 He-Man Relief Store Display

MOTU Castle Greyskull Light Up Disply from Netherlands

MOTU Slime Vat (Buckets) Store Display

MOTU 3-Sided Mobile Display

MOTU Toy Display Relief "Duel" (1983)

He-Man Paint and Playset Figures Store Display (?)

MOTU Filmation Video Display (1985)

MOTU Band-Aid Plastic Display

MOTU Vending Machine Display

MOTU Ice Crean Display Sign


MOTU Canadian Mattel Salesman Button (1985?)

MOTU Power Tour Employee Button 87'

MOTU Ride On Inflatable Battle Cat

MOTU Battle Cat Bounce On

MOTU Orko Puppet from Brazil

MOTU (He-Man) Paint and Playset Figures Collection

MOTU Cel from "Teela's Trial"

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