This version of He-Man was a mail-away from the Wonder Bread company in 1984 (roughly on date). The Wonderbread He-Man has some distinct differences that makes him almost #1 on collector's lists. "WB" He-Man as he is also known, has brown hair, brown trunks & black boots. The weapons is really anybody's guess since a WB He-Man in mailor hasn't been uncovered yet. We are 95% sure he came with the black vest (shown in picture) which also came with the weapons pack. But it is rumored he also has a black gun and a black club. If you have been told or seen that he comes with the red axe, this is unconfirmed as well. Lee's guide has been wrong about many things, and they probably picked the axe bit on rumor. The red axe is unconfirmed and not concrete. The only other possiblity is that he may have come with Blue weapons. Recently found has been a stright dark blue sword and a dark blue rifle.

Collection of: David Schickedanz
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: David Schickedanz

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