Horde Trooper Hardcopy
Toyfare Example

    This piece was probably in Toyfair 85' (or 86') with Mantisaur. I state this because this figure has holes in the bottom of his feet to support him (Mantisaur also does). The figure itself seems to be made of plaster for some reason. The joints are held in by pins (missing the one leg pin). The head even turns! The figure itself is a bit taller than the production figure. As for other differences rhe entire chest is solid. In the production figure, the chest falls apart and is hollow. In addition, there are some changes in the scuplt near the waist and other places. The colors are also more vibrant. This piece is handpainted and is quite stunning.

Collection of: -Matthew Leuk-
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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