Unknown to many collectors are the Special Offer series that comes from Europe. The Special offer was that double-sided mask would be included with the figure. This promotion only extended for a certain few figures, and for a limited time.
    The mask was attached to the card by having a new backer which the MOC figure slipped into. The mask was placed between the card and the new backer. This all happened at the Mattel Factory.

    Only three types of mask were offered. A He-Man/ Skeletor mask, a King Hiss mask in both Human / Snake form and finally a Hordak / Stonedar mask. It seems from the way the pictures are set up, that each mask would be specific to the character toy. In other words, King Hiss's mask goes with King Hiss and He-Man/Skeletor mask with He-Man or Skeletor. This is possible, but the mask with this Stonedar piece is a He-Man / Skeletor mask.
    It is unknown why the He-Man battle damage card is larger than the others. It seems it only comes with one mask. It may have been to advertise the main character He-Man than others.

    The sides of the card say "Now with great mask!" and on the back, topside it says "transforms you into one the leaders of Eternia! "

He-Man with mask: Inside of this Masters package is a cool/great/super double mask. One time you are Heman, the other time Skeletor
Skeletor with mask:Also the master of the�demons shows its bone face in shell mould. But if you turn the mask, you defend the good - as He-Man
King Hiss with mask:The double mask exposed its deceptive smile. You show King Hiss' true nature with the mask jerk page
Stonedar with mask:The Rock-Man [from the Rock People] and friend He-Man help the�heroic defenders. For example against Hordak, the leader of the wild Horde on the mask jerk page.

Collection Of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Translations: Christopher Wille
Photo: Alex Bickmore

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