Mantisaur Hardcopy
Toyfare Example

    This is a a extordinary piece! This is probably the Mantisaur that was shown in catalogs or in Toyfair. I state this because this figure has holes in the bottom of his feet to support him (As seen in Two-Bad hardcopy). Mantisaur is made of a type of resin and each joint can separate off the body like all hardcopies do. The legs are held in by metal bolts which are in the body. The head, body & legs and arms are all hand painted. It really doesn't get any better than this. Though he is missing the saddle, we don't think that matter's much.

    The detail of the body is quite prominent. The piece has well carved lines and intricate details. The bolts (bumps) on the body of the production piece are actually holes in the Hardcopy Mantisaur. There are lots of other minor differences in all the parts.

    Notice how the jaws are larger and longer. Also the antenna's on the head is actually rubber. Look at the third picture of the head lying on its side. They sway back and forth everytime you shake his head. The produced version had Hard plastic antenna's. Also as stated before there are subtle differences from carved lines and details.

Collection of: -Matthew Leuk-
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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