Unknown to many collectors are the Special Offer series that comes from Europe. The Special offer for this piece is a cassette that would be included with the figure. This promotion only extended for a certain few figures, and for a limited time.
    As you can see, this special offer really is a cassette taped to the header. This was to move extra figures that the store couldn't sell. It is strange to see the offer was also placed on newer figures rather than just old. It was easier to tape the cassette on rather than make a new package. The tape used says" Gratis Casette" in German, this mean "Free of Charge Casette". It is unknown if they used a variety of cassettes, or they were all the same one with the same story. Though the did this to many figures, only a handful of stores did them and they are tough to find,

Collection Of: Anonymous
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photo: Anonymous

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