This series boosted popularity for a short while. The Super Scary Monsters are the most powerful though. They ranged from a whopping 100-50 points! There are twenty-four in Super Scary set (Series 3). There was a basic color assortment. A creature would be in at Least 3 colors. (red , green, yellow) But only be one of the two combo's.

    The Super Scary pictured above is the Mad Gaser of Mattoon. Mattoon is a town in Illinois! I'm not sure but is this their local legend? Or is it from "Another Mattoon"?

  • Yellow Body: Red and Green Highlights
  • Yellow Body: Red and Black Highlights
  • Purple Body: Yellow and Green Highlights
  • Red Body: Black and Green Highlights
  • Red Body: Yellow and Green Highlights
  • Green Body: Orange and Red Highlights
  • Green Body: Black and Yellow Highlights
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Body (green): Red and Black Highlights ( only 100 Points)
  • Glow-In-The-Dark Body (yellow): Red and Green Highlights ( only 100 Points)

    SERIES 3

    -97: Charun-(100-Points)
    -98: Thunderdell-(100-Points)
    -99: Hanuman-(100-Points)
    -100: Yama-(100-Points)
    -101: Ghilan-(100-Points)
    -102: Astaroth-(100-Points)
    -103: Dybbuk-(90-Points)
    -104: Lamia-(90-Points)
    -105: Grave Watcher-(90-Points)
    -106: Creature from the Closet-(90-Points)
    -107: Slaughterford-(80-Points)
    -108: Jenny Greenteeth-(80-Points)
    -109: Houngan-(80-Points)
    -110: Mad Gaser of Mattoon-(80-Points)
    -111: Drude-(70-Points)
    -112: Boogey Man-(70-Points)
    -113: Alu-(70-Points)
    -114: Fachen- (60-Points)
    -115: Jersey Devil- (60-Points)
    -116: Wurdulac- (50-Points)
    -117: Poltergeist -(50-Points)
    -118: Umi Bozu-(50-Points)
    -119: Wildman of China-(50-Points)
    -120: Imp-(50-Points)

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