Monster in My Pocket is another grand addition to toys of the 80's and early 90's. The line consisted of over 150+ individual

"Legendary" Monsters and Ghosts of all time! Creatures all over the world were made into these tiny collectible critters. Each Monster or whatever creature has a actual myth about him/her/it! They were not made up but actually taken from texts around the world! The Monster in My Pocket toy line consisted of a main line which had three series. There are a few off shoots like the light up Monster In My Pocket figures and board games etc...

The figures also can be painted. Adding details into these guys is quite fun! Check out my quick 5-minute job. Painted Ogre

Monster in My Pocket Series 1

Monster in My Pocket Series 2

Monster in My Pocket " Exclusives " (Series 3)

Monster in My Pocket " SUPER SCARY " (Series 4)

Monster in My Pocket Super Creepies (Series 5)

Monster in My Pocket Dinosaurs (Series 6)

Monster in My Pocket Space Aliens (Series 7)

Monster in My Pocket: Howlers

Monster in My Pocket: Board Game

Monster in My Pocket: Battle Cards

Monster in My Pocket: Retail Pin

Monster in My Pocket: Chinese Packet

Monster in My Pocket: Monster Putty

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