Series 4 refers to all exlcusives. Exclusive Monster In my Pockets come from all different sorts of things. Some consider the #81 Blemmea to be Series 3. Some came from the Video Game produced by Nintendo, other came from Cereal boxes. There are many more to fill the gaps listed here!

    The only exclusives listed so far are probably some of the toughest.

Shreddies Wheat Cereal (Canada only)

-73: Leviathan-(30-Points)
-74: Abominable Snowman-(30-Points)
-75: Anubis-(30-Points)
-76: Amphisbaena -(25-Points)
-77: Centaur-(25-Points)
-78: Orobas-(25-Points)
-79 Siren-(20-Points)
-80: Jimmy Squarefoot -(20-Points)

Nintendo Monster In My Pocket Game (Exclusive with Cartidge)

-81: Blemmea-(??-Points)

Thanks to Barbara Tunnicliffe for the Blemmea.

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