This is the first series of Monster In My Pocket. There are 48 of these little buggers. These creatures and ghouls are the "common knowledge" monsters which most people know. Vampire, Roc, Kraken Etc... These are the most common of the Monster in My Pocket Series. They came in a grand assortment of colors of...

Purple, Yellow, Red, Plum, Neon Red, Neon Yellow, Moss green, Green & More!

    Frosted Flakes it seems had a promotion of Monster In My Pocket. They gave away 1 monster per a Ceral Box. This monster is a Dark Green ( so far we believe). There is a Dark Green Griffen in the pictures below. Also there are some re-issues of some first series. These colors are Hot Pink and Neon Blue. The Hot Pink, Neon Blue and Drak Green are rarer colors to have. ***


-1: Great Beast -(25 Point)
-2: Hydra-(25 Point)
-3: Werewolf-(25 Point)
-4: Behemoth-(25 Point)
-5: Griffen-(25 Point)
-6: Tyrannosaurus Rex-(25 Point)
-7: Cockatrice-(20 Point)
-8: Cyclops-(20 Point)
-9: Tengu-(20 Point)
-10: Triton-(20 Point)
-11: Kraken-(20 Point)
-12: Jotun Troll-(20 Point)
-13: The Monster-(15 Point)
-14: Manticore-(15 Point)
-15: Karnack-(15 Point)
-16: Coatlicue-(15 Point)
-17: Bigfoot-(15 Point)
-18: Baba Yaga-(15 Point)
-19: Kali-(15 Point)
-20: Catoblepas-(15 Point)
-21: Harpy-(15 Point)
-22: Haniver-(15 Point)
-23: Hobgoblin-(15 Point)
-24: Windigo-(15 Point)
-25: Red Cap-(10 Point)
-26: Medusa-(10 Point)
-27: Goblin-(10 Point)
-28: Cerebus-(10 Point)
-29: Zombie-(10 Point)
-30: Chimera-(10 Point)
-31: Ghost-(10 Point)
-32: Ogre-(10 Point)
-33: Vampire-(10 Point)
-34: Roc-(10 Point)
-35: Gremlin-(10 Point)
-36: Vampiress-(10 Point)
-37: Ghoul-(10 Point)
-38: Phantom-(10 Point)
-39: Mad Scientist-(10 Point)
-40: Winged Panthor-(10 Point)
-41: Mummy-(10 Point)
-42: Charon-(10 Point)
-43: The Beast-(10 Point)
-44: Witch-(10 Point)
-45: Springed Heel Jack-(10 Point)
-46: Invisble Man-(10 Point)
-47: Skeleton-(10 Point)
-48: Hunchback-(10 Point)

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