-43: The Beast -(5 Points)

Species: Humanoid / Animal
Born: 1756 in an English castle
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in a dreary mansion hidden away in a European forest

"Once a handsome young prince, The Beast was cursed by an evil fairy who turned him into a frightful creature resembling a two-legged lion. In order to break the spell which will allow him to regain his good looks and return to his kingdom, The Beast must find a beauty who will agree to become his wife. Unfortuantely, most women are not interested in marrying someone who has fleas, likes to eat live sheep and snores loudly! this monster wears a cape, and carries a sword which ca be used to trun his enemies into stone. He is often seen loitering around shopping malls, offering roses to eligible women in hope that they will become his queen and transform him from the "King of Beasts" to the "King of his Castle. "

-42: Witch -(5 Points)

Species: Female Humanoid
Born: Sometime during the Dark Ages
Size: 5 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in dark places all over the world

"The black magic woman possesses super-natural powers given to her by the devil. The witch is famous for casting evil spells on people - brining them bad luck or turning them into different objects, such as animals, vegitables or minerals! She has the ability to perform incantations which will make objects move or become invisible. This ugly old hag can easily be identified by her birthmark that is hidden under her armpit or in her hair. Her ability to fly through the sky on a broom is also a dead giveaway! If you ever catch a Witch, she can be destroyed by being burned at the stake, or will melt if water is poured over her. However, you might want to grant her one last wish...a spell on your brother or sister perhaps?"

-45: Spring-Heeled Jack -(5 Points)

Species:: Humanoid
Born:: Early 1800's in London, England
Size:: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lurks in dark alleys of London

"The orginal "Jumping Jack Flash," this English monster has always been known to terrorize residents of London by jumping in front of his victims, frightening them half to death, and then disapperaing with great leaps and bounds. Spring-Heeled Jack wears a strange shiny suit, shoots blue and white flames from his eyes and will rip his victims clothes with his sharp claws. He then jumps hundreds of feet into the London fog before anyone can catch him. This evil boogeyman was once cornered high on a church spire where he lept into the darkness, never to be seen again. Too bad. It turns out he was being chased by a shoe company who wanted him to endorse a new sneaker line "Air Jacks."

-46: Invisible Man -(5 Points)

Species: Humanoid
Born: 1897 in England
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: A secret laboratory in the English countryside

" After years of study, an eccentric chemist invented a drug which caused him to become invisible. Unfortunately, the drug had some unexpected side effects - like driving the doctor insane! As a crazed invisible monster, he now terrorizes small towns, robbing banks, burning fire stations and sneaking into movies for free! The Invisible Man will brutally murder anyone who gets in his way (which is not hard to do after all he is Invisible). When he wants to be seen, he wears a heavy overcoat, a large hat and lots of gold jewelry. His face is covered with bandages, a fake nose and dark glasses. But underneath all this he's still the Invisible Man - the ultimate airhead! "

-47: Skeleton -(5 Points)

Species: Deceased Humanoid
Born: 1898 (but of course all over time)
Size: Varies from 6 Feet
Habitat: In closets of old abandoned houses

"Although he died nearly 100 years ago, the Skeleton lives today. Tired of bieng used as worm/ maggot food, this beastly bag of bones arose from the ground to meance the ancestors of those who put him to death. The Skeleton's bones are magically joined together with no muscles or skin. He possesses great speed and will not hesitate to pull off one of his arms or legs and use it as a club to attack his enemies. As you can see, this bonehead is not exactly a spinless wimp, (for then he'd be called chicken bones! He's powerful and scary. You'd better hope he doesn't shake, rattle, and rolling after you! "

-48 Hunchback -(5 Points)

Species: Humanoid
Born: 1463 in France
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat:In Bell towers of French cathedrals

" Born with one leg shorter than the other and one eye swollen shut, Hunchback was cruelly abandoned in a church by his parents and raised by a priest. Unfortunately, he grew uglier with age - a large wart appeared over his good eye, his uneven teeth grew over his lip and as a result of not sitting up straight at the dinner table he devolped his trademark hunchback. He later bacame deaf from ringing bells in the cathedral. Not a terribly popular fellow, he was befriended by a gypsy dancer. Sadly, she was executed for a crime she didn't commit. Hunchback murdered her accusers and retreated to the bell tower where he pours hot lead ontop of anyone who approaches. (His younger brother turned out to be a great football player - the halfback of Notre Dame!"


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