-37: Ghoul -(10 Point)

Species: Reanimated Human
Born: Thousands of years ago in the Arabian Desert
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in lonely places in and around graveyards

"One of the more gruesome monsters, The Ghoul is somewhat of a cross between a Vampire [#33] and a ghost [#31]. These pale, glassy - eyed creatures hang out around cemeteries, robbing graves at night and feasting on dead bodies (the fresher - the better!) Ghouls have been known to to also eat the living when no corpses can be found, and are especially fond of children. They are every senaky and have the ability to become invisibile when they stand still. Fortunately, because of this unique diet of cold cuts, you can smell their breathe a mile away! Actaully, most Ghouls are really quite lonely and won't harm you if you offer to play with them - certainly you've heard the saying "Ghouls just want to have fun!"

-38: The Phantom -(10 Point)

Species:: Humanoid
Born:: 1868 in France
Size:: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in hidden chambers beaneath old theatres

"A hideous looking creature, the Phantom has the appearence of a living skeleton. As a child, this monster was so ugly that his own mother put a bag over his head so she wouldn't look at him! He got the hint, bought a mask, and left home to pursue a career in show buisness. He ended up living in the dark caverns beneath the old Paris Opera House, where after years of isolation and rejection ( not to mention all the opera solos) he was finally driven insane. This caped creature who enjoye dhis privacy, and strangled people who bothered him. He was also fond of dropping chandeliers on the audience when things got to noisy. The Phantom has since left Paris to terrorize other theatres - like the movie theatres! "

-39: Mad Scientist -(10 Point)

Species: Humanoid
Born: 1834 in England
Size: 5 Feet, 10 Inches Tall
Habitat: A large, windowless larboratory in London.

"Talk about your split personality - -one minute this guy's prominent, chruch-going, well mannered, goody-two-shoes doctor named Jekyll, and the next minute he drinks this secret formula and turns into a sleazy low-life named Mr. Hyde. Back and forth, Back and forth, the Mad Scientist would change between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Finally he runs out of his formula and is stuck forever as the wicked Mr. Hyde. He now frequents the bad parts of town, hangs out with the wrong crowd, and stays out past midnight - breaking every law known to man ( and a few man doesn't know about)! As Dr. Jekyll he used to help old ladies across the street, he now tries to run them over!"

-40: Winged Panther -(5 Points)

Species: Animal / Bird
Born: 1,000 years ago in South America
Size: 8 Feet Long
Habitat: South American jungles and forests

"This "catbird" is not your ordinary monster. The deadly Winged Panther sports a pair of eagle's wings on his back. This enables him to hide in trees and pounce down upon you from the air. Although he normally limits his vicitms to unsuspecting sheep and cattle, this beast will not hesiatate to attack humans who attempt to steal on of his feathers. For once a feather is removed from his wings, this "plucked plumage" turns into gold! This cat may have nine lives, but you've only got one - are you willing to risk it and put a very valuable feather in you cap?"

-41 Mummy -(5 Points)

Species: Reanimated Corpse
Died: Ancient Egypt 3,700 years ago
Reborn: 1921
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Egyptian Pyramids

" Wrapped in tattered rags, the Mummy was buried alive over 3,700 years ago. His air tight coffin was latter discovered by archeologists who failed to heed the " do not disturb " sign..a fatal mistake! This powerful monster brutally strangled those intruders, and now roams the countryside in search of those who buried him thousands of years ago. The Mummy is known to place a deadly curse on anyone who tries to stop him. This bandaged beast cannot be destroyed by guns, knives or even slime! Having the charachteristics of a "giant oily rag," the Mummy can be stoppe dby firem but will one day rise from his ashes to resume his search for his enemies. "

-42: Charon -(5 Points)

Species: Humanoid
Born: 5th Century B.C.
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: On the edge of the Underworld

" This monster brings new meaning to the words "mass transit." He ferries the souls of the dead across the River Styx to the Underworld. Charon is perfect for this job - he's a grotesque, dirty old man, with bright red eyes and a bad attitude, and rates a big zero on the personality scale. He collects one obolus coin (equivalent to about eight weeks allowance) from each passenger. Those who don't pay are tossed out of the boat and left to haunt the living [ see Ghost #31] . Charon uses these proceeds to buy nice cloths and to maintain his boat - which is appropriately namedf the Styx Pick-Up!"


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