-31: Ghost -(10 Point)

Species: Dead Animal
Born: Every time someone dies.
Size: Varies
Habitat: Graveyards or place of Death

The Spirt of a person who died too soon or a person who could not travel into the next plane. They scare the living as revenge of their death. Can be harmful or can be a onlooker of what their life once was.

-32: Ogre -(10 Point)

Species:: Giant Humanoid
Born:: Centuries Ago in Scandinavia
Size:: 18 Feet Tall
Habitat: In caves and abandoned dwellings all over the world

"The Ogre is a giant, fleash-eating monster. He hunts down his victims using a large club and quickly devours them using his sharp teeth. The Ogre has been known to eat 15 men in one sitting! He's big, he's ugly, he's mean, he's deadly - but he's incredibly stupid! Thats right, this guy's dumber than a fencepost! If you're ever out alone in the forest and come upon a hungry Ogre, tell him that you're a long relaitive from Oslo (Ogres don't eat relatives), or that you're Santa Claus and you came to get his Christmas List (nobody would hurt Santa). Chances are he'll believe you!"

-33: Vampire -(10 Point)

Species: Reanimated Corpse
Born: Transylvania, in 1430
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Cemeteries and old castles throughout Eastern Eruope.

"One of the more famous monsters (having appeared in serval movies), the Vampire is a creature who exists somewhere between the living and the dead. By day, he rests peacefully in his coffin. By night he is transformed into a blood thristy monster. He usually apperas in his designer outfit with matching cape, but will sometimes disguise himself as a bat or a wolf when he sneaks into his victim's bedroom - usually that of a beautiful young woman - and with his long sharp fangs, gently bites her in the neck and sucks her blood. To scare a vampie off, you must use a cross, gralic or a slice of pepperoni pizza with anchovies!"

-34: Roc -(10 Point)

Species: Giant Bird
Born: The Middle East in 700 AD
Size: 80 Foot Wingspan
Habitat: Great Island of Madagascar of the coast of Eastern Africa

"At about the same size of a passenger airplane, the Roc is the largest of the flying monsters. It preys on elephants, taking them from the jungles (and zoos) and carrying them off to th emountains where they are fed to their young, ("roc-ettes"). The eggs of the Roc are huge and highly prized. When eaten, these eggs will magically restore youth to the elderly. However, the Roc is very prtective of her nest eggs, and will viciously attack andy intruding armies or ships, dropping huge boulders, lik ebombs from the sky. Some Rocs can be tamed with music, and even ridden like a flying horse. Their favorite music?...."Roc" and roll, of course!"

-35: Gremlin -(10 Point)

Species: Fairy
Born: England during World War 1
Size: 20 Inches Tall
Habitat: Underground, near airports throughout the world.

"Surpisingly enough, these impish monsters are responsible for many of the great technological devolpments earlier in this century. However, since they never recieved and credit for this, they have dedicated themselves to making people's lives miserable - especially airplane pilots. Gremlins love to fly, but since they have no wings they will sneak aboard airplanes and create mischief. This includes changing the plane's direction, breaking the radio,causing turbulance, overbooking flights and drinking the fuel. (They are so fond of gasoline, they are known to vacation at major oil spills!) So next time you're aboard an airplane and it starts to get a little bumpy - make sure you are sittin in the "No Gremlin" section! "

-36: Vampiress -(10 Point)

Species: Reanimated Corpse
Born: 1610
Size: 5 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in a coffin in Transylvania

" As a result of strong Bloodlines with male Vampire [#33], the Vampiress depends on a constant supply of unsuspecting "blood donors" to preserve her eternal youth. Sometimes disguised as a bat, black cat or bloodhound, she prowls the night in search of her next victim, using her sharp fangs to pump their plasma! The Vampiress is a striking creature with her red eyes, matching dress and long sharp fingernails, which are also red - painted from her victim's blood. The only safe place to see this brutal, bloodsucking brunette is in front of your TV - as she often moonlights as a hostess on the late night "Creature Feature!"


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