-25: Red Cap -(10 Point)

Species: Fairy
Born: 16th Century in Scotland
Size: 4 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in abandoned castles on borders between Scotland and England

"Perhaps the most wicked of all evil fairies, Redcap is a little old ugly man with fiery eyes, bad dental work and long fingernails. He lives alone in old castle towers were evil deeds once took place. Wearing iron boots and a rust-colored cap, Redcap stalks the countryside, attacking unfortunate travelers (he's especially fond of redheads and rednecks)! After killing them, he dips his cap in their blood, truning it a bright red color. You can scare Redcap away with a cross. When he sees this, he will let out a loud scream and run away, leaving behind one of his long sharp teeth. "

-26: Medusa -(10 Point)

Species:: Reptialian/ Humanoid
Born:: 4,000 years ago in Greece
Size:: 5 Foot, 2 Inches, Eyes of Blue
Habitat: Lives in a cave on the farthest shore of Oceanus

"The monster Medusa once led a charmed life as a beautiful woman with golden blonde hair (she was miss greece of 1991 B.C.). One day she bertayed the goddess, Athena, who then changed Medusa into a hideous creature. Her golden locks were replaced with slithering, poisonous snakes. her hands were turned to bronze and frozen in the shape of a vulture's talons. And worst of all, any man she looke dat would be turned to stone! Understandably, her social life went downhill fast, and she left to live in a remote cave. She has since created many of the world's finest statues by simply giving famous people the "evil eye!" "

-27: Goblin -(10 Point)

Species: Fairy
Born: Hundreds Years ago in France
Size: 3 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in dark underground places throughout Europe

"The Goblin is the meanist, sneakist, and ugliest of all the fairy creatures. He stays away from the sun, choosing to live in caves, abandon mines, and sometimes in sewers (Sewers?...Cowabunga!). These evil little beasts will often appear in disguise as a hideous bird, a dog with wings, or a big furry cat that will let out a blood curling scream if you stretch out your hand to pet it. Goblins possess great strength. Their favorite food is "turtles on the half-shell!" They are known to steal from young maidens, who are forced to raise the young goblins and as to serve as dancing partners for these monsters. Their favorite dance...the "Monster Mash!" "

-28: Cerebus -(10 Point)

Species: Animal Hybrid
Born: Greece, 4,000 years ago
Size: 5 Feet Tall
Habitat: Guards the Gates of Hades

"Talk about the ultimate guard dog! Cerebus stands at the gates of Hades to greet the evil souls ferried by Charon [#42]. This sinister monster has three heads, sharp claws, the tail of a dragon and sports a collar made from posionous snakes! he can thank his mother (part serpent, part woman) and his father ( a dragon-headed giant) for his "good looks" and "charming personality." Cerebus does not live on Puppy Chow® alone, as he will eat anyone who tries to escape from Hades. However he will let you go free if you give him a piece of cake. His favorite?...Devil's Food, of course!"

-29: Zombie -(10 Point)

Species: Dead Human
Born: Just a Minute ago
Name: Tom Savini
Size: 2 Feet Tall. 4 Foot Long arms
Habitat: Lives in throughout the world and under your house

"Dead person who has been re-animated. Used as a weapon, he can't be killed....unless with the holy toaster."

-30: Chimera -(10 Point)

Species: Animal Hybrid
Born: 4,000 years ago in Greece
Size: 7 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives atop an active volcano in Asia Minor

"The orgins of this strange and ferocious monster remain a mystrey. The Chimera has the head of a lion, a poisonous snake for a tail and a goat's head rising up from its back. This female monster's multi-headed appearance is easily understood, considering her brother is Cerebus [28] and her mother is Hydra [#2] (and you thought your family was strange!) The Chimera not only looks mean, but breathes a stream of fire that will roast more than your marshmallows! Viciously attacking anyone who comes near her, the Chimera can be slain by throwing a lead-tipped spear into her mouth. The Chimera's fiery breath will melt the lead, completely buring her insides. "


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