-19: Kali (KAY-LEE)-(15 Point)

Species: Humanoid
Born: Unknown
Size: 7 Feet Tall
Habitat: The Jungles of India

Reality: "Kali takes away the darkness from every individual who strives in the path of perfection by performing the spiritual disciplines of purifying austerities. Her disheveled hair forms a curtain of illusion, the fabric of space - time which organizes matter out of the chaotic sea of quantum-foam. Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes the repository of knowledge and wisdom while the heads themselves represent impure thoughts, which She has severed from the personalities of Her devotees." (http://www.angelfire.com/realm/bodhisattva/kali_ma.html)

MIMP: "This humanoid hag from India is really just an ugly mother who loves her children - loves them to death, that is! After working up an appetite performing her famous "Dance of Death" she heads home to eat her children, or anyone else she can strangle with her iron hook. This "bad luck beauty" has dark skin which she sheds like a snake, and red hands on each of her four arms. Kali wears a necklace of human teeth and a belt made from shrunken blood-stained hands. Fortunately her taste in jewelry has yet to catch on!"

-20: Catoblepas -(15 Point)

Species:: Animal Hybrid
Born:: 4,000 years ago in Africa
Size:: 4 Feet High, with Four Foot wings
Habitat: Lives on the Ethiopian border, near the Nile River

"Although he's the perfect pet for Medusa [#26], you probably wouldn't want this monster sleeping under your bed at night. Catoblepas has the wings of a dragon, the body of a buffalo and the head of a wild hog. He not only can't fly, but frags his stomach through the mud as he lazily waddles across the ground. Catoblepas rarely lifts his fat head to look up, but if he does - watch out! His stare will turn you to stone faster than you can say "Buffalo Wings", (which incidentally were named afte rhim). So if you happen to come upon Catoblepas as he is out grazing on his favorite snack of poison ivy, beware of his stare as it will bring new meaning to the words "stone age! "

-21: Harpy -(15 Point)

Species: Humanoid Bird
Born: 4,000 Years ago in Greece
Size: 8 Foot Wing Span
Habitat: An isolated island in the Mediterranean Sea

"Possibly the most repulsive creature ever, the Harpy is a winged monster with the head of a young woman, and the body, wings and feet of a bird of prey. It has no regard for personal hygiene ad a appetitie that won't quit. The Harpy will strike at dinnertime, stealing all the food before anyone else can eat. Its disgusting table manners include burping, chewing with an open mouth, not asking to be excused and then flying away with a hideous scream as it throws up on everyone! The Harpy will sometimes attack and eat humans - usually criminals and dead people. This beast dislikes the sound of brass instruments (such as tubas) and can be repelled by the playing of band music just before dinnertime."

-22: Haniver -(15 Point)

Species: Reptilian Serpent
Born: 16th Century in Belgium
Size: 4 Feet across
Habitat: In Shallow waters and Beach areas

"An extremely vicous monster, the Haniver lives both on land and in sea. This unusual monster looking creature has a huge head, virtually no body and two short stubby legs. He can be found just off shore where, underwater, he may resemble a innocent ray - that is until he opens his mouth and exposes multiple rows of sharp, poisonous teeth! The Haniver is known to surprise his victims bu burying himself in the sand and waiting for an unsuspecting beachgoer to pass. (He's especially looking fond of tourists!) Be sure to think twice next time before you pick up that sea shell sticking out of the sand - it may be the top of a Haniver waiting for dinner!"

-23: Hobgoblin -(15 Point)

Species: Fairy
Born: 16th Century in Scotland
Size: 30 inches tall
Habitat: Lives in homes throughout Scotland and England

"The Hobgoblin is a mischievous little creature that lives in nooks and crannies of houses. They canactually be quite useful - caring for unattended babies, helping bread to rise, and will even clean your room! This is a monster? However, if they are not properly cared for - watch out! The Hobgoblin will play mean tricks, like giving you nightmares, turning your dog into a rat and, worst of all, stealing your toys! Although not as vicious as their cousin the Goblin [#27], they are short-temepered and, if mistreated, will pinch you until you are black and blue. So next time you hear a strange noise coming from deep inside your house, leave some food out for the Hobgoblin so he'll be good to you."

-24: Windigo -(15 Point)

Species: ?????
Born: Algonkian Indian
Size: ?????
Habitat: ?????

"A man eater. You can become one by resorting to cannibalism."


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