-13: The Monster -(15 Point)

(Also known as the Frankenstein's Monster)
Species: Reanimated Corpse
Born: 1818 in Geneva , Switzerland
Size: 8 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in small European villages

"In 1818, a young chemist named Victor Frankenstien attempted to build a "perfect" human using parts from dead bodies. Unfortunately, his final creation was far from perfect - The Monster recieved the brain of a murderer by mistake, making him very violent. he was quite ugly, couldn't talk, and had bad manners to boot! A bolt of lighening brought this monster to life, giving him superhuman strength. He had a hard time making friends and was often chased and stoned by the villagers. When Victor refused to build him a girlfriend, he became angry, killed several people and left to lead a life alone in the Artic wastelands. This is definitely a moddy guy!"

-14: Manticore -(15 Point)

Species:: Humanoid / Animal
Born:: Over 2,000 years ago in India
Size:: 12 Feet long
Habitat: Lives deep beneath the desert in the Middle East

"What do you feed a monster that's 12 feet long, has the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, the head of a human, with three rows of sharp teeth? Anything he wants, of course! The ferocious, maneating, Manticore has power blue eyes and the voice of a trumpet, but don't expect to seem him at your next rock concert. This "low life" lives beneath the desert, close to the center of the earth. The Manticore runs swiftly as a deer, has the ability to leap over small buildings. He uses his tail to shoot posionous, spine-like straws into his victms, through which he slurps their blood. This is not the kind of guy you would want your sister to marry...or then again maybe it is!"

-15: Karnak -(15 Point)

Species: ?????
Born: ?????
Size: ? Feet Tall
Habitat: ?

"Egyptian: Underworld God who destorys those who violate sacred temples."

-16: Coatlicue -(15 Point) (KOT-lee-Q)

Species: Reptilian Humanoid
Born: 2,500 Years ago in South America
Size: 7 Feet tall
Habitat: Lives in a snake-infested cave in South America

"This two-faced Amazon woman was once an Aztec Queen who was exiled because of her famous garbage mouth. The problem is not what she says, but rather what she eats - she preys on sick and injured people, and where there are none these people available, she feeds of the filth of the land. Coatlique's wardrobe rivals that ok Kali's [#19] for bad taste. She wears of a skirt of live snakes, and a necklace of human hearts attached to a skull pendant. Perhaps her most evil deed to date was to name her son Huitzilopoctli. This poor lad was nicknamed "the sick one" growing up, as every time he said his name people thought he was sneezing and would respond by saying, "gesundhiet!""

-17: Bigfoot -(15 Point)

Species: Giant Humanoid
Born: In the mountains of North Amercia in the 1800's
Size: 10 Feet 5 inches tall, Weighing 650 pounds
Habitat: Mountains and forzen wastelands of North America

"A huge monster with a hairy body, ;omg arms, big feet, a hunched back, and a lumbering gait. This awesome creature is part man, part ape, and part NFL linebacker! Although he normally keeps to himself, Bigfoot will attack viciously if provoked, using rocks and boulders as weapons. He is frequently sighted but has yet to be captured. Many trackers who have followed his giant footprints through the snow have never returned. he is known to eat polar bears, Eskimo's (and Eskimo Pies® for dessert)!"

-18: Baba Yaga -(15 Point)

Species: Witch
Born: In Russia during the12th Century
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in remote areas of Russian forests

"Even Russia has its famous monsters. In this case it's Baba Yaga, an evil old who flies through the sky in a large black kettle, propelled by a fiery broomstick. She is known to give children rides and bring them home for dinner - unfortunatley, the children are the main course! Baba Yaga lives deep in the forest in a "tastefully" decorated house. On the fence are human skulls with candles burning in them. So next time you are outside after dark, look into the sky. Perhaps you will see the sparks of Baba Yaga's broom as she heads out to pick up her next dinner guest!"


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