-7: Cockatrice -(20 Point)

Species: Reptialian Bird
Born: Middle Ages, somewhere in Libya
Size: 3 Feet Tall
Habitat: Desert areas

"Part rooster, part snake , part bat...you can understand why this is probably the meanest (and ugliest) creature in the world. He not only lives in the desert, he created the desert! His breath destroys all living creatures and vegetation. When this monster's hungry, he merely looks into the sky, breathes, and a dead bird falls into his open mouth. That's not all. The gaze of a Cockatrice has a power to split rocks. And one look into the eyes of this monster will bring certain death! So if you happen to run into a Cockatrice on your next desert trip, pull out a mirror and the beast will die when he see's himself. Or even better yet, you can simply stay home!"

-8: Cyclops -(20 Point)

Species:: Giant
Born:: Greece
Size:: ????
Habitat: ????

"Greek: A race of giants with on eye in the middle of their foreheads."

-9: Tengu -(20 Point)

Species: Humanoid Bird
Born: 2000 years ago in Japan.
Size: 8 Feet Tall
Habitat: Lives in Japanese mountains and forests

"These mischevious monsters live inside hollowed out trees throughout the forests of Japan. The Tengu likes to believe he knows everythingm but in reality he can easily be fooled. However, he has a nasty temper, and if you get caught tricking a Tengu, he will sneak up to you in his coat which makes him invisbile, and either eat you or pick you up in his powerful claws and throw you into a volcano! The Tengu can often be seen "sushing" just above the ocean off the Japanese coast in search of his favorite food, raw fish and seaweed...yuck!"

-10: Triton -(20 Point)

Species: Merman
Born: 4000 Years ago
Size: 20 Feet tall
Habitat: In the depths of the Mediterranean sea

"Faster than a speeding Jet Ski, more powerful than a nuclear submarine, able to leap the tallest waves with a twist of his flipper...its a duck, it's a flying fish, no, it 's Trton - Matser of the Ocean! Half human and half fish, Triton cruises across the ocean in a chariot, powered by a team of dolphins. He carries with him a magic conch (seashell) which, when blown like a trumpet, can command the seas to become either calm or chrun into a stormy rage Even landlubbers are not safe from Triton, as he can change his tail into legs and come ashore to wreck havoc. So next time you're at the beach or out fishing and you hear a distant horn, head for the hills - Triton may be coming!"

-11: Kraken -(20 Point)

Species: Sea Serpant
Born: 1 Mile wide
Size: First Sighted in 1555
Habitat: Leaves in the deepest, darkest oceans

"Perhaps the most awesome sea monster ever, Kraken is actually bigger than Yankee Stadium! When seen from the distance, Kraken appears to be a deserted island sitting in the middle of the ocean! However, if you approach this "island" you will be met with a pair of great, glassy eyes and a set of sharp teeth - so large that they are often mistaken for icebergs! When this guy's hungry, he will feast upon a large ship. Using his tentacles to pluck men from the deck, Kraken will swallow these tasty morsals as an appetizer. Then the powerful monster will wrap his eight arms completly around the ship, pulling it to the depths of the sea and eating the remaining crew for his main course. ( I wonder what he eats for desert?)"

-12: Jotun Troll -(20 Point)

Species: Multi Headed Humanoid
Born: In Scandinavia during the Ice Age
Size: 4 Feet Tall
Habitat: Live sin caves and mountains above the artic circle

"The evil Jotun Troll is no doll! He's the son of the Norse God of Frost and although he's only four feet tall, he's fairly easy to pick out in a crowd - he has eight heads! This monster has the magic ability to create blizzards and avalanches to bury his enemies. Although he's surprisingly powerful for such a small creature, this bearded wonder is really known for his skills using clubs and spears. The Jotun Troll is also much more intelligent than the giant trolls. (If you thought two heads were better than one - just imagine having eight Nicknamed the "Talking Heads," you have probably guessed that this guy's secret weapon is his ability to talk you to death!"


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