-1: Great Beast -(25 Point)

Species: ???
Born: ?????
Size: ????
Habitat: ??????

"An awesome, very powerful monster with many poisonous heads and wings."

-2: Hydra -(25 Point)

Species:: Serpant
Born:: Greece
Size:: ????
Habitat: Greece???

"Greek: A flying serpant. When it loses 1 head, 2 more grow in its place."

-3: Werewolf -(25 Point)

Species: Humanoid/Animal
Born: Descended from Indo-European warriors during ancient times.
Size: 6 Feet Tall
Habitat: Cities and dark forests throughout the world

"The Werewolf combines the intelligence of a human with the strength and cunning of a wolf. In his "human" form, this quiet and unassuming creature can sometimes be identified by certain features such as long hair growing on his palms, long index fingers, eyebrows which grow together, and worst of all-dirty toe nails! When exposed to a full moon, he is secretly transformed into a blood-thristy, growling beast who possesses and craves human flesh. The only method of killing the werewolf is with a silver bullet. So, if there's a full moon out tonightm listen carefully to that distant howl...another victum perhaps?"

-4: Behemoth -(25 Point)

Species: ???
Born: ?????
Size: ????
Habitat: ??????

"An outrageously huge beast which some say is the king of all beasts."

-5: Griffen -(25 Point)

Species: ???
Born: ?????
Size: ????
Habitat: Medieval Europe

"Medieval Europe: this beast has the bacl of half of a lion and the front of an eagle."

-6: Tyrannosaurus Rex -(25 Point)

Species: Dinosaur
Born: During the prehistoric Mesozic Ear
Size: 150 Feet Tall
Habitat: Remote island in the Caribbean

Tyrannosaurus Rex, or "T.Rex," as his friends call him, is the king of dinosaurs. He lived in prehistoric times and was thought to be just another old fossil until he was reawakened by a violent earthquake on his remote Caribbean island. Rising from the ocean, he uses his giant stubby legs to kick over anything that gets in his way, and his enormus "whale tail" can clear an entire acre of land with one wag. Taller than most buildings, this amphibious creature doesn't mess with eating people, he eats whole cities, ( and usually a suburb for dessert)! It's no wonder this entire species became extinct millions of years ago - they probably couldn't find anyone to play with!

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