Battroid Valkyrie VF-1S (Strike Valkyrie) 1/55

Battroid Valkyrie VF-1S (Fokker) 1/55

Battroid Valkyrie VF-1S (Hikaru) 1/55

Ban Dai

1990 Super Valkyre VF-1S 1/55


VF-1S 1/55 Exclsuive to France

VF-1J Max 1/55 (Joons)

Minmei Wind-Up Doll (Model) MIB

1" SD Valkyre Pullbacks

3" Valkyre Knock-Offs

Convertors SDF-1

===---=MACROSS PLUS=-----===


Battroid Valkyrie VF-11B 1/55

Battroid Valkyrie VF-19 1/55

Battroid Valkyrie VF-19 (Video Game) 1/55

Battroid Valkyrie VF-21 1/55

=-=-=-=-=-= ROBOTECH =========

Gakken Blue Alpha Fighter 8"

Gakken Red Alpha Fighter 8"

Gakken Green Alpha Fighter 8"

Gakken Blue Alpha Fighter 6"

Gakken Red Alpha Fighter 6"

Gakken Green Alpha Fighter 6"

Gakken Blue Alpha Fighter 5"

Gakken Red Alpha Fighter 5"

Gakken Green Alpha Fighter 5"

Lansay Blue Treds (Beta) Fighter & Alpha Fighter 2-Pack

Lansay 5" Plastic Alpha and 5" Die-Cast Alpha Fighter 2-Pack

=-=-=-=-=-= Robotech Misc. =========

Hot Chamber Cap Pistol MIB

Para-Diver Valkyrie MOSC

Mospeda Alpha Fighters from the Gumball Machines

=-=-=-=-=-= Plain Weird =========

Garbage Pail Kids Armoured Valkyre

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