Goliath: Mobile Battle Headquarters

    The Goliath is the biggest Megaforce toy produced. It is used by the Triax and is thier Headquarters / Carrier. This piece opens up to a large mobile base with many Tank refueling stations, Vtols & Jet stations. The toy itself is over a foot long! The one in the picture has no stickers applied, so it looks a bit dull. The detail is amazing.

  • Main Bridge
  • Launchers & Tanks Storage

        The Goliath's smaller vehicle, can sweep for mines or enemey forces and bring the Triax forces closer to the enemy.

  • Carriers 1 Vehicle inside
  • Mine + Tank Sweeper


    Schematic's of the Goliath (??K)          Box & Artwork of the Goliath (58K)

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