The Electronic Warrior Challenge

    The picture above was taken from the LJN toy catalog. The figures displayed are the nine 2nd series figures for Photon. These figures have only been documented through this one picture and they have been rumored to be never produced. They are all based on characters from the Photon show. You can see the cast pictures of these characters below!

    Over the years I have only seen one picture of one these figures packaged. Recently, some of the figures have been found. We have recently learned that the 2 other 2-Packs containing these figures was possibly never produced. What we found was these 4 second series figures were individually packed.

    Also looking at the playset the figure are on in the Catalog shoot one realizes this is not some sloppy display. Looking at it hard, you can see sensory poles for photon laser to be fired at, and that main tower could be the alert tower and lights up. I feel this is probably a unproduced playset that LJN was planing on making to follow up the toy line. Only time will tell.

    Below, you can match the names and pictures here to the unproduced toys pictured above. All of the unproduced 5 figures and the 6 figures produced. I have more in depth looks at a few of the figures back on the main page.

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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