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    Photon is a extremely small action figure line of only 2+ figures. It originally started out as a full size Photon arena near your local malls. These Arena's are not like those crummy Laser Tag arena's that are around now. They were multi leveled with rampways, hideouts, smoke, multi colored lighting systems, accompanied by the Photon soundtrack. Click here to see the original commerical that aired on TV back in the mid 80's.

    A full size home system was also produced, one that a child would wear. They would purchase a gun with a sensor that hooked up to their chest and then battle it out with their friends. Other accessories were produced like helmets & chest sensors. Photon as some may remember, came after the famous game called "Laser Tag".

    LJN took the game one step further and produced the sensory equipment into figures. LJN produced 6 Photo figures. The figures stood a average 8" 1/2 inches tall and were highly detailed. Each figure actually contained small photon guns that really worked up to 15 feet! Each toy had a gun molded to their hand which would emmit this laser. The figures also had chest place that had a light and sensor. The figures when hit would give off a "beeping" sound.

    With the Photon live show being aired, LJN was preparing to release at least 5 more action figures which were never produced. These figures ranged from Photon Warriors to Strange Aliens. This line would be one of the best space fantasy lines ever made if they were produced and 4 of the 6 produced were not so damn rare.

    I have yet to see the show, but I have seen clips and pictures of what seems to have been a fun show to watch. The figures were released in conjunction with the show that lasted 26 episodes and featured a good amount of monsters, aliens and photon battles. We are unsure which came first, but we feel the toys did. For more information about the Photon TV Series and to get pictures and info, click here to this website.

Action Figures

---=========:: Photon 1st Series Figures Info :=-

Photon Bhodi Li Action Figure

Photon Warriar Action Figure

---=========:: Photon 2nd Series Figures Info :=-

Photon Destructarr Action Figure

Photon Leon Action Figure

Photon Pyarr Action Figure

Photon Hardcopy "Mandarr" Action Figure

Photon Hardcopy "Pike" Action Figure

Photon Tag Sets

Phaser Photon Original Regular Set MIB

Phaser Photon Original Gift Set MIB

Misc. Photon Stuff

Photon Costume of Mandarr

Photon Lunchbox

Photon Novels

Gayla Kite MIP

Presto Magix MIB

Figural Stampers MOC

Photon Patch

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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