This is the partially unproduced Night Recon Predator. It has no markings and is production painted. This figure was originally scheduled for release under the Predator toy line, but it was cancelled. The figure was finally produced for Kay-Bee for Alien Hive series in 1999. The figure that was produced for Aliens Hive and the original Prototype from the Predator series are different.
    The first difference is their paint schemes are completely different from each other. The one pictured above was never produced for the Alien Hive Night Recon Predator. The second and most important is that the accesories that came with this Predator were never produced. The accesories for the unproduced piece are the large gun, helmet and a flying reptile creature to help it track in the night. This piece is extremely cool and exceptionally rare because it is not just a test shot, but has been painted and is complete.

Painted: Collection of: Marc Cawiezel
Test Shot: Collection of: Jack Vartuli
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Marc Cawiezel

    Pictured above is the test shot of the Aliens Hive Night Recon Predator. The colors are in production, and that is the only way to tell.

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