These were purchased from in a large batch of other mattel artwork from various toylines. They are cut out of their original sheets. They average in size, and some have markings ont he side telling the character or fashion. They are hand drawn and inked in. There are even some recorrections showing that these were final products. The question is, final products of what? The man I purchased them stated they had to do with promotion catalogs from Mattel. Before I can get more info, he fell back into the woodwork. What makes these more interesting than previous art, is that they are of the actual toys and no the cartoon characters. Here is the set I purchased, minus a Wheeled Warrior, Greyskull Art & Thunder Punch He-Man.

___________________/-Action Figures



Double Trouble, Alternate Face




She-Ra (Bubble Power)

She-Ra (Bubble Power) Alternate Art #2


___________________/-Fabulous Fashions

Blue Lightning

Colorful Secrets

Flower Power (Early Version?)

Frosty Fur

Heart of Gold

Hidden Gold

Hold Onto Your Hat

Secret Messenger

Windy Jumper

Unknown Fashion! #1

___________________/-Playsets & Vehicles

Crystal Palace

Enchanta w/ Double Trouble & Frosta

Storm w/ Catra

Swiftwind w/ Bow

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