She-Ra, Princess of Power, is the twin sister of the mighty He-man. This secret was unveiled in the Movie "Secret of The Sword". With the introduction of Adora (She-Ra), Eternia & Etheria had a new hero....and we had a new cartoon series! The introduction of She-Ra did pull alot girls (and some boys) into the these two animated series, and kept them going for a few more years.

    The Pricess Power Toys were first produced in 1985 and lasted for 3 series until its demise in 1987. The toy line had numerous horses and palaces. 22 figures were produced, and 3 known unproduced (Star Sisters). The figures were well detailed and very colorful as you would expect. Series 3 has the toughest figures of the line, some being forgien only.

___________________/-Action Figures

Loo-Kee MOSC

Netossa MOSC



Starburst She-Ra & Cassette 2-Pack MOSC

Catra & Storm 2 Pack MISB

Catra & Clawdeen 2 Pack MISB

Starburst She-Ra & Swiftwind 2 Pack MISB

SweetBee & Crystal Sun Dancer 2 Pack MISB

Peeablue & Crystal Moonbeam 2 Pack MISB



___________________/-Action Figure Prototype Art

Original Mattel She-Ra & Friends Action Figure Inked Drawings

___________________/-Store Displays

She-Ra & Swiftwind Mobile Toy Display (Italy)

___________________/-Cels & Misc.

Original She-Ra Animation Cel

Original She-Ra Promotion Cels

She-Ra Child Size Sword MOC (Forgien)

She-Ra Child Costume w/ Armor, Shield, Sword, Helmet

She-Ra Cromy Argentina Card Game

Power Queen Sparking Monster Knock-Off

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