Tonka had plans to continue the Rocklords series. We are still unsure what these plans were, but we can only take a guess from two unproduced pieces that were pictured in a Tonka catalog.

    Bandai had originally produced these for the Machine Robo line. Tonka had already used all the figures from that line, and even had Bandai create new ones like the Narlies & Shock Rocks. Rumor has it that these were not even offered in Japan like the Super Gobots Series 3. These lines all came out around the same time.

    If Tonka had anything in store for us it would have been new toys or recolors. From what evidance we have, it seems they were aiming for both.

    The pictures below all come from a 1986 Tonka catalog.

-Unproduced Rocklords

Rocklords Unproduced Stonehead Playset

Rocklords Unproduced Crackpot in "Meteorite Colors"

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