I have almost the entire line of (LJN) Dungeons and Dragons for sale on this page. Figures here range from complete missing parts. 1st to 2nd series, loose to MOSC. If you have any of the Wind-Ups I will trade or buy. This is the largest D&D Action Figure Hoarde on the Internet! E-mail me at [email protected] for any questions or to place a order .

Dungeons and Dragons, Advanced
Bowmarc100% Complete & C-8.5 with (Shield C-8) Faded shield. Action works. Sword a little curved. SOLD
Bowmarc C-8 with (Shield C-8) and sword. Had mold on leg. SOLD
Bowmarc C-7 & No Accessories. No Head prong$5
Deeth100% Complete & C-8.5.SOLD
DeethC-9+ & has Shield, Cape and Morning Stars. Cape thread about to break but holds good, just lower than usual. SOLD
DeethC-8+ & No Parts. SOLD
DeethC-7.5+ & No Parts. Wear on gloves and esp. on one back boot. SOLD
DrexC-8 & has shield only. $16
DrexC-8. No Accessories. $13
Elkhorn100% Complete C-8+. Has nose ding. Sword has wave in it. SOLD
Elkhorn100% Complete C-8+. Grey Shield VariantSOLD
ElkhornC-8+ & has Sword OnlySOLD
ElkhornC-8+ & has Sword OnlySOLD
ElkhornC-7.5+ & No Accessories. Foot broken off! $1.50
C-9+ & Has Sword. Sword hand has paint wear (hevay). Very tough Battle Mattic.$15
Grimsword100% Complete C-8+. SOLD
GrimswordC-8 & No Accessories.SOLD
GrimswordC-8 & No Accessories.SOLD
HawklerMOSC. Bubble yellowed (They all are) and there is this weird materials I cannot get off stuck to the top of the card. Overall this thing is a case fresh type piece being Unpunched and only a bubble crease on the back. Still the rarest D&D figure MOSC and very tough. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD
HawklerC-8++ & No Accessories. SOLD
Kelek100% Complete & C-8.5. Cape seperating a bit on the bottom right. No biggie and actually allows for more leg poseability. SOLD
KelekKelek with Staff only.$11
KelekKelek with cape. But red flail behind head is gone. $5
MandoomC-8+. No accessories. SOLD
Mettaflame900% Complete & C-8+. NO HELMET!!! :(SOLD
MettaflameC-8+ & Has Belt. Nice display piece. SOLD
MelfSee "Peralay"~~
MercionCarded! C-7.5+ or better. Displayable card with surface creasing and shelf wear. SOLD
MercionC-8+. Has all accessories but the black waist band. Great shape. Legs a little loose which is common. $15
Northlord100% Complete & C-8.5+. $20
Northlord100% Complete & C-8.5+. $20
NorthlordC-8.5+ & no accessories. $5
Ogre King100% Complete & C-8+.
Ogre King C-8+ & no AccessoriesSOLD
Ogre King
(Shield Shooter)
C-9+, Has Shield only. Battle Mattic slightly works. Great and rare display piece! Arms are tight. SOLD
PeralayC-8 & all weapons & parts BUT the dagger. SOLD
PeralayC-8 & No Accessories. Legs are a bit loose but he stands ok. SOLD
PeralayC-6 and so loose he cannot stand. SOLD
Ringelrun100% Complete & C-8+$12
RingelrunNo Staff & C-8+. Stain in smock. $6.50
StrongheartCrisp C-8+. Stress crease on center of card but all looks good. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD
Strongheart (BM)Displays ok but has stapled hanger and bubble going yellow. Pic. 2SOLD
C-8 & No Accessories $10
Strongheart100% Complete & C-8.5. Cape thread around neck broke and is gone. $10
StrongheartC-8.5 & Has Sword. No Cape. $8
StrongheartC-8 & No Accessories. $6
StrongheartC-7 & No Accessories. $5
100% Complete & C-8.5+. Cape broken. SOLD
C-8.5 & No accessories. $11
Warduke100% Complete & C-8+ $12
Warduke100% Complete & C-8+ SOLD
WardukeC-8+ & No AccessoriesSOLD
WardukeC-8+ & Head Broke Off!$3
100% Complete & C-8+. $16
Young Male TitanC-8+ & has all accessories but the spear. Pic. 2$20
Young Male TitanC-8+ & has all accessories but the spear. Pic. 2$20
Young Male TitanC-8.5+ & Has helmet, Loin, Shield and Sword. No spear to complete the figure. Has a paint mark on his front helmet. Handle for shield broken but the tabs still hold it in perfectly and tight any which way! Pic. 2$18
Young Male TitanC-8.5+, Has only Waist Cloth.$8
Young Male TitanC-8.5+, Has only Waist Cloth. Loin latch about to break :( $6
Young Male TitanC-8+ & No Accessories$5
Zarak (Battle Matic)Purple Card Variation. Package full sealed. Unpunched. Has scuffing and light creasing. Water damage to back but not noticeable and minor. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD
Zarak100% Complete & C-8 $11
Zarak100% Complete & C-8 $11
ZarakC-7.5 $6
Zogar100% Complete & C-8$28
ZogarC-7.5 & No Accessories$14
ZogarC-7.5 & No Accessories$12

Dungeons & Dragons Creatures & Playsets
Bronze DragonC-8+ Complete. One wing faded. Eye has a scratch. SOLD
Cave FisherStill Sealed. This rare Windup is mint but the card shows a lot of creases and wear. Bubble is tinted and jaw has come off the pegs. Displays well and very rare. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD
DragonneC-8.5+ Complete. SOLD
DragonneC-9++ Complete. Right Wing tab broken off. You can easily glue.SOLD
Fortress of FangsC-8+. Has a lot of parts. All the teeth are here, the purple monster and the chest. Has parts to a inner gate and a outside gate. The seperater on the 2nd floor, the crushing panel and the trap door. You get the axe too. Very nice display piece. Pic. 2, Pic. 3SOLD
Hooked Horror100% Complete & C-8+. SOLD
NightmareC-8 and has armor and head gear. Missing on hoof (But still stand well) and the harness. $10
TimatC-7.5+. Timat has been through a lot. Displays well but the wings were taken off, and attempted to be glued back on. One peg is broken in the body, other is mint and unbroken. BUT The rest of him including his arms work great! The box has original inserts. Pic. 2, Pic. 3,Pic. 4,Pic. 5,Pic. 6SOLD
Timat100% Complete & C-7.5+. Wings were broken. Owner so-so put metal bars through them and then glued them on. Displays well and as you know the wing break is a very common issue. Pic. 2SOLD
TimatNo arms. No Wings. The sockets that hold the arms are broken. The wings have the broken part stuck in them. Customize? Pic. 2SOLD
TimatArm only. Right side (See the elbow?). Looks great. Has a small chip off socket connector. But will work just fine. Pic. 2SOLD

Dungeons and Dragons 1" PVC Figures
ElkhornC-9.5 SOLD
KelekC-9+ Top of staff gone.SOLD
Mercion--------------------------None in Stock------------------------
Ringlerun--------------------------None in Stock------------------------
SkylaC-8.5 $8
Warduke--------------------------None in Stock------------------------
Zarak--------------------------None in Stock------------------------

Dungeons and Dragons Bendies & PVC's
ConditonLooseMint On Card
BugbearC-7+ $4
BullywugC-8.5+ SOLD
Carrion Crawler100% Complete & C-8+ Tough to Find SOLD
Chimera100% Complete & C-8+ Tough to Find SOLD
Deadly Grell100% Complete & C-7+ Tough to Find SOLD
Dwarf of Moutain King (x2)C-8.5SOLD
Dwarf of Moutain King (x1)C-8SOLD
Dwarf of Moutain King (x1)C-8SOLD
Elves of the Woodland100% Complete & C-8 SOLD
Elf ArcherC-7.5+ $3
Fire Elemental & Crystal Ball100% Complete & C-7 SOLD
Hydra100% Complete & C-8.5+ Tough to Find SOLD
LichC-5+ & Cross Missing. Customize! $2.50
Neo-Otyguh100% Complete & C-8.5+ Tough to Find SOLD
Odius OgreC-8 Eye brow wear.SOLD
Odius OgreC-8 SOLD
Orcs of the Skeleton Bone100% Complete & C-8+ or better. SOLD
Orcs of the Skeleton Bone Spear'dC-8.5+SOLD
Knight w/ Morning StarsC-7.5SOLD
Knight w/ Crossbow & ShieldC-8.5SOLD
Knight w/ Sword & ShieldC-6SOLD
Knight w/ Sword & ShieldC-7.5$3.50
Raging RoperC-8.5, All 6 legs bend great! SOLD
Sarke Mercenaries100% Complete & C-8 SOLD
Sarke Mercenaries100% Complete & C-8 SOLD
Sarke Mercianry w/BowC-7.5+ Tip of Arrow broken off SOLD
Shambling MoundC-7.5+ SOLD
Skeletons Of Sith100% Complete & C-8+ or better. SOLD
Skeleton of Sith Warrior (Standing)C-8+ SOLD
Skeleton of Sith Warrior (Spear)C-8.5+ SOLD
Stalwart Men-At-Arms100% Complete & C-8 $8
Stalwart Men-At-Arms100% Complete & C-8 $8
Steadfast Men-At-Arms100% Complete & C-8 SOLD
Steadfast Men-At-ArmsOne Figure & C-8 SOLD
Terrible Troll & Goblin100% Complete & C-8.5 SOLD
Terrible TrollC-8.5SOLD
TroglodyteC-8, Stands Well SOLD
Troglodyte GoblinC-8SOLD
Umber HulkC-8.5. No mandibles. SOLD

Dungeons and Dragons Novelty
Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon Series Annual 86'Book has been read and shows minor wear. Pages are not aligned right, but all is there and look fresh. Crisp pages. UK Exclusive Annual.SOLD
Hologram Set of 4C-9++ or better Still sealed! SOLD
PVC Figures 4-PackStill sealed to their card. You get Shiela, Uni, Archer and Presto! These are original and quite rare. SOLD
PVC BowC-9++ or better. SOLD
PVC SheilaC-9++ or better. SOLD
PVC WizardC-9++ or better. $18

Dungeons and Dragons Weapons & Accessories
Bronze Dragon
Harness & Saddle
C-8.5+ Complete your Dragon! SOLD
Dragonne Wing (L)C-9+SOLD
Fortress of Fangs FangsC-9+. With Fans x2 Base. Front Teeth. SOLD
Fortress of Fangs FangC-9+SOLD
Fortress of Fangs
Trap Pad
C-9.5 SOLD
Hawkler BowC-9+ with break at line. Easy glue back and TOUGH to find. SOLD
Kelek StaffC-9.5 SOLD
Mandoom BeltC-8+ SOLD
Mandoom HammerC-8+ $8
Mettaflame MaceC-8.5+ SOLD
Harness & Saddle
C-8.5+ Complete your Horse! SOLD
Northlord LoinC-9+ Tab Broke. Cannot be Worn.SOLD
Northlord ShieldC-9+SOLD
Northlord SwordC-9+ SOLD
Ogre King ShieldC-9.5 SOLD
Ogre King SwordC-8 SOLD
Ogre King "SS" SwordC-8 SOLD
Ogre King LoinC-9.5 SOLD
Peralay BowC-9.5 SOLD
Strongheart SwordC-8.5 SOLD
Warduke ShieldC-9.5 $3.50
Warduke SwordC-8.5 SOLD
Zorgar ClubC-9.5 SOLD
Zorgar DaggerC-9.5 SOLD

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