Silverhawks was Telepixes next show after Thundercats. It never carried the fame as Thundercats did, but still was a awesome show. I will not go deep into this line, but will show some rare pieces and some oddities.

----== Toys ==-----

Silverhawks Steelheart Test Shot Prototype

Silverhawks Moon Stryker 2-Up Prototype

Silverhawks Slybird Prototype

----== Prototype Packaging ==-----

Silverhawks Figure Package Concept Quicksilver

Silverhawks Figure Package Concept Monstar

Silverhawks Quicksilver Chromalin

Silverhawks Quicksilver Proof Run

Silverhawks Steelheart Chromalin

Silverhawks Hand Drawn Concept Backer #1

----== Store Displays ==-----

Silverhawks Store Display "Toy Center version"

----== Knock-Offs ==-----

Silverhawks Steelwill In Bag from Mexico

Silverhawks Steelheart In Bag from Mexico

Korean Miraj Model Kit

Korean Steelwind Model Kit

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