This a 13" X 10" of Ho Sung Pak who played Raphel in TMNT 2. Ho Sung Pak has done many other roles, such as Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat. He was digitalized by Midway for all the games. Ho Sung Pak can be seen every Saturday on WMAC Masters on Fox as well. Then, ocassionally you can see him on an infomercial for Slam Man. The blue man looking punching bag for those work out type people.

    We saw him at our local cinema theatre when TMNT 2 came out. His was there to promote the movie which was currently playing. Fortunatly, the place was kind of dead so we got to talk to them for awhile. He and another stunt person were there. They were at a table near the front entrance showing everyone some pieces of the costume they were. They had one of the foam arms for Raphel which some guys was trying to buy.

    They explained that there were 2 sets of turtles for the movie, actually for all the movies. One team did all basic acting and scenes that had dialogue. The other team (which Ho Sung Pak was in) did all the fighting scenes for the film. I figure the costumes were all different. The suits for the fighting scenes were probably lighter and less detail than the ones used for the dialogue scenes becasue they wouldn't have all the animatronics to moves the face and eyes around.

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