Heroes in a Half Shell

Turtle Power

6th Series ( Scratch Etc....) (CLOSED)


"Sewer" Super Hero Turtles

Shogun Series

Giant Size Splinter Boxed (Knock-Off)


Japanese "Saint" Turtle Boxed

Japanese "Demon" Shredder Loose

Japanese Metal Mutants Leonardo Boxed

Japanese Kabaya Leonardo Model Kit Boxed


Unproduced Transforming Turtle Van Robot

Shogun Shoate Wax Sculpt

Winged Warrior Leo Hardcopy

2002 Mutations Foot Soldier Test Shot

2002 Skating Ralph? Test Shot


2003 TMNT Toys R' Us 2' Display


Animation Cel of Shedder*

"Ho Sung Pak" as Raphel, a 3 X 10 autograph

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