The Shogun Turtles are one of the best looking as well as some of the hardest turtles to find. In this series, Playmates produced all 4 turtles, Splinter, April, Shredder, Shoate and Triceraton. All of these figures had chrome armor, and were extremely detailed. Of the entire TMNT toy series, the Shogun Triceraton and Shogun Shoate are in the top 5 rarest figures produced. It can be debated if they are rarer than Scratch.

    As for varations, there are at least two different colors for the weapons (differet colors, same weapons). More importantly is that playmates produced Gold Armoured Shogun Turtles which are much tougher to find than the silver amroured ones. I've only heard of gold armored turtles, none of the villians, or Splinter or April.

    There are also carded varations. Regular production Shogun figures all come with a collectors card. Later issued Shoguns came with a coin. The coined ones are tougher to find, and one can be seen below. Shogun's were also produced without a card or a coin, those are the Kay-Bee re-issues in 1997 which are talked about below.

    Fun Fact: Playmates re-issued the Shogun Series in late 97' for Kay-Bee Toys. They would have been found in their white wire bins all marked down. They did not Re-issue Shoate, Triceraton, Shredder, Splinter and April.

Shogun Leo

Shogun Mike (missing weapons)

Shogun Don

Shogun Ralph

Shogun April (missing weapons)

Shogun Splinter (CLOSED)

Shogun Shredder (missing weapons)

Shogun Tricerton (missing 4 weapons)

Shogun Shoate (missing 2 weapons)

Collection of: Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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