The Argentina Action Figures were produced by Play Ful in Argentina. The figure came carded like the original LJN toys. The quality of the package is of course less than the LJN ones.

    The figures and weapons are all cast from the original molds but there are many paint and mold differences. The paint differences are very large and some are subtle. Jackalman was painted brighter and with blue clothing.
    The mold differences are in that Lynx-O is actually a Jaga body with a slightly retooled head. Ben Gali is actually the Older Tygra toy painted as Ben Gali.
    The weapons were mostly the same as the LJN issues but Ben Gali was issued a chromed silver battle axe instead of his hammer. The mold was possibly not obtained or destoryed causing such a change.

Jackalman: Rachael Binz
Lynx-O: Rachael Binz
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Alex Bickmore

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