The Brazil Miniatures were produced by Glasslite in Brazil. This company also produced the vintage Star Wars and Dinosaurcers line in Brazil. Glasslite for unknown reasons had new sculpts in their Miniature line up. No one knows why to this day they chose to have new sculpts rather that use the old sculpts. It could have been extra unproduced toys from LJN or toys completely sculpted by Glasslite. The quality and the paint colors used for the toys are different at times.

    Though we have found WilyKit and Snarf's with other South American lines, I have not seen them with the Glasslite line. Anyone have any photos?

    Below is a photo of Monkian (Simiano) in a completely different pose than the Kids Works Monkian

Collection of: Eric Haschke
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
Photos: Eric Haschke

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