"I don't break rules, I bend them alot."

    "A hardened battle veteran who enjoys a good brawl! Has been knonwn to investigate photon laser duals between rival Autobots. His controversial, underhanded battle tactics have made him highly feared opponent. Fellow Autobots claimes he carries enough hidden laser firepower to set off a 30,000 pound TNT explosion. Usues whatever means at his diposal to defeat advesary. His mobile armoured partner, Vanguard, is double barrelled tank that gives him cover fire when he's out fighting it out with a Decepticon rouge."

Strength 7 , Intelligence 7 , Speed 7 , Endurance 8 , Rank 8 , Courage 10 , Firepower 2 , Skill 6



"I have no need for friends, even less for enemies."

    "Enjoys melting enemies into pools of burning, liquid metal. A hot tempered Decepticon who frequently loses his cool over the smallest of problems. Not too sociable, more of an introvert. Only particpates in an operation if he gets something out of it. Spends his spare time researching the possibility of harnesing the energy emitted from a burning meteor. Relishes the smell of burned Autobot titanium. His sidekick, Fire Beast, is a one-horned, metallic, robotic creature that combines with Chrager to form a unstoppable battle machine."

Strength 9 , Intelligence 4 , Speed 4 , Endurance 9 , Rank 4 , Courage 7 , Firepower 8 , Skill 7

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