Yes its Omega Spreem , and yes thats a Bruticas straight from the 70's!!!



"Grinding Decepticons through my treads is my only objective!"

    "There is no stopping him from taking on the Decepticons most ruthless forces. Displays no fear or caution when excited to the point of armed combat. Gets his kicks when he slams his treads into high gear to attack unsuspecting Decepticons. Ofetn refers to his Decepticon counter parts as the lowest form of cybernetic exsistance. Skilled in the art of synthetic metallurgy, manipulating pre-solidified steel and titanium alloy into photon laser weaponry. Always seen cleaning out his neutronic laser barrels in case of attack. Can change into a devastaing laser tank with rotating cannon unit."

Strength 9 , Intelligence 6 , Speed 5 , Endurance 7 , Rank 8 , Courage 10 , Firepower 6 , Skill 8



"To control the sky is to control the ground!"

    "Turbo Master lives by the philosophy that supreme domination is only achieved by gaining absolute control of the sky. Stops at nothing to vanquish an enemy force. Enjoys field-testing new laser weapons on Autobot vactaion resorts. Upsets his fellow Decepticons when he tests his hovering capabilities while they're playing cyber poker. Likes to handle dangerous missions alone. His battle tactic is to strike the enemy hard and fast, sparing no one. A heartless Decepticon who is never satisfied with victory. Always strives for complete and utter defeat of his adversary. Converts into an overpowering, dual propeller vertical take-off plane."

Strength 9 , Intelligence 7 , Speed 6 , Endurance 9 , Rank 8 , Courage 10 , Firepower 5 , Skill 7

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