"Looking good is what life is about!"

    "A super-cool cruiser with a knack for more flashy manoeuvring. He loves looking good. Always washing and waxing his armour for a dazzling shine. Often feels the battle hasn't really started until he gets out there. Does everything with a flair that seems to attract attention. A bit self-absorbed, but extremely powerful a and well equiped in battle. Armed with a devasting black beam gun that fires concussion bursts of billowing, black gas that momentarily blind enemy forces. Armoured vehicle Basher is equipped with infra-red scanners, remote controlled surveillance cameras, heat seeking missiles and laser beam trip wires for short-range covert operations. Basher combines with Tracks to form the interactive bodysuit with intelligent weapon system."

Strength 8 , Intelligence 7 , Speed 6 , Endurance 9 , Rank 6 , Courage 7 , Firepower 10 , Skill 8



"There's nothing like dive-bombing Autobot from 60,000 feet!"

    "A fast moving, fast taliping Decepticon. Can track incoming Autobot defenders from over 1,000 miles away. Believes that command of the sky always determines the outcome of any conflict. Outfitted with a sonic boomer laser that can pummel solid rock into soft sand within milli-seconds. Winged partner, Screech, is an advanced eagle scout with neutron laser demagnitizer cannons that drain the energon from Autobot storage cylinders. In an instant Screech combines with Take-Off to create a devastatingly superior flight machine with infra-red detection capabilities."

Strength 10 , Intelligence 6 , Speed 9 , Endurance 7 , Rank 6 , Courage 8 , Firepower 8 , Skill 9

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