"Nothing is immune from my radar systems! Nothing!"

    "A specialist in air defence technology. Designed and implemented the Autobots' home base radar system. Advanced kinetic intelligence and cyber-optic perception modem implants enables him to track enemy attack forces anywhere in the galaxy. Feels a special dislike tword Decepticons for obliterating his defence laboratory on Cybertron. Enjoys the challenge of revamping discarded metallic substances to create new forms of laser weaponry. Able to convert into a high-impact, counter strike helicopter."

Strength 8 , Intelligence 9 , Speed 8 , Endurance 6 , Rank 7 , Courage 10 , Firepower 7 , Skill 9



"Double the power means double the destruction!"

    "Forged out of the most hardened metallic substance in Cybertron's remote desert region. Combats computer-driven units in sandstorms with tempratures exceeding 150 Fahrenheit. Has a ferocious temper thats causes him to react violently at anything that crosses his path. Usually aligns with both sides in an argument just to advance his own position in Decepticon ranks. Cunning and cynical, Double Puch can convert into a fearsome, dual clawed robotic scorpion to perform his most diabolial schemes."

Strength 8 , Intelligence 7 , Speed 7 , Endurance 6 , Rank 6 , Courage 9 , Firepower 8 , Skill 9

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