Transmetal 2 Beast Wars flying squirrel named Night Glider, due for release in August. This proto Night Glider is done in production colors, but unpainted. From pictures I've seen and what I've read on the web, the production piece is mostly grey and black, which means that there's going to be A LOT of paint put on it. The prototype is done in orange and muddy brown plastics, with a generous amount of chromed plastic on the wings and tail.
    Night Glider has the new Maximal insignia in a green sunken crystal/bubble on its chest. It has a fairly simple transformation (the body kind of just pivots around the beast head) but both the beast and robot modes are pretty sleek. There is a sword hidden in the tail, which is a nice touch.

Collection of: Derrick Alderman
Paragraph: Derrick Alderman
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