Here is a Test Shot Snapper. The colors on this one exceptionaly good, unlike the black ones. Which bring me to question if these BW test Shot colors have purpose other than the usual statement, "They used whatever plastic laying around to test the molds."

Four different kinds of 1st & 2nd series BW Test Shots have been located so far,

  • Neon colored (only on 1st series)
  • Black & Grey (only on 1st series)
  • Purple & Pink (only on 2nd series)
  • Production Colors

        It seems that all the purple and light pink test shots have a different mechinism. This Snapper has a type of "locking system", which allows him to transform a little tougher. The Snapper, when the legs and crotch of the robot are pushed ALL the way up in Turtle mode, they push a plastic piece (1) in the head against another plastic piece (2). When this happens, Snapper locks in turtle mode and can only trasnform when the turtle head is pushed down and in. Without fiddling with his head, the tail part which when pressed down, forcefully pushes itself back.

        The regular issued Snapper is also shown in the picture. As you can see, the spring in the Test Shot is placed differently than the produced one.
        Another unique thing about Snapper is his robot feet. The regular produced ones have this gap filled in. While the Test Shot does not. It seems it was used for hooking into the side of the shell and keeping the front arms from dislodging from there position.

    Collection of: Alex Bickmore
    Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
    Photos: Alex Bickmore

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