These Transformers were only available at the famous Transformers convention called Botcon. Botcon is held every year at various cities across the United States (Europe and Japan has one as well!) Each year they have a few Exclusive Transformers that are recolors or all new toys. These are limited and could only be bought at this convention. For more information of Botcon, Click Here.

Botcon 1994 Exclusives

    Generation 2 Breakdown

Botcon 1995 Exclusives

    Nightracer Gobot

Botcon 1996 Exclusives

    Onyx Primal

Botcon 1997 Exclusives

    Beast Wars Fractyl & Packrat 2-Pack

    Dinner Exclusive: Hanpainted Decoys

Botcon 1998 Exclusives

    Beast Wars Antagony

    Beast Wars Vice Grip

Botcon 1999 Exclusives

    Beast Wars Windrazor 1200

    Beast Wars Sandstorm 1200

Botcon 2000 Exclusives

    Beast Wars Apelinq

    Beast Wars Shokaract 1200

Botcon 2001 Exclusives

    Beast Wars Tigatron

    Beast Wars Arcee

Botcon 2002 Exclusives

    Beast Machines Cyclonus

    Beast Machines CatScan

    Generation 1 Tap-Out

    Generation 1 Glyph

Dairycon 2005 Exclusives

    Crackup Mini-Car


    Stormsword "Hotstuff"

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