This is one of two Sedan's produced in the first wave of Transformers. The color is in all blue. This blue is also a shade off the normal Microman production piece. The only thing different is the stickers which are exactly like the Microman version. No Autobot or Decepticon symbols were ever placed on the Brazilian Transformers.     This is one of two Optimus Sedan's produced in the second wave of Transformers. This is the first time the mini-cars were placed into Autobot and Decpticon factions. Optimus are the Autobots, and the Malingus are the Decepticon with all new symbols.
    This one just adds to the astonishment of collectors, than a green BJ exists. The second series mini's are tougher to locate than the first series. As for the added bonus, it will be another amazing find to see the different artwork for the Optimus version.

Collection Of Alex Bickmore
Paragraph: Alex Bickmore
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