Brazilian Transformers were released by the Company Estrela. Other than producing Transformers, they also produced Gi-Joe and other Hasbro toys in Brazil. Very few toys were produced considering that the Transformers series had a Comic Book series and the Animated Series airing on Tv.
    The main body of the Transformers series consisted of Minicars. They produced them in 2 different colors, which brought variety to them. Estrela produced Gears, Cliffjumper, Windcharger, Bumblebee, Bumblejumper & Brawn for the Mini-Cars series.
    Salt-Man figures came right after the Mini-Cars. In this new addition was Salt-Man X & Salt-Man Z. These toys were recolored Jumpstarters. Their name, "Salt-Man" was a bad usage of Portuguese and English words: Salt - salto (jump) + man (guy), meaning a "Jumping Guy". The colors they were produced in were never produced anywhere else, even in Diaclone or Transformers series with exclusion of the Salt-Man Z in Red & Blue was produced for Dialcone, but lacks the Estrela markings.
    In Further time Estrela released Batrobo series and Eletrix. Both toys were relased around the world by different companies, not under the Hasbro name. The Batrobo's had pull back engines and when released into a wall, they would transform and roll back. Eletrix were the only Battery Operated Transformers in Brazil. The had a wired remote control that would allow them to move or Transform with the push of a button.

    Towards the end of the original line, Estrela produced a last series of Mini-Cars. These pieces were again strange re-colors of which likes we have never seen. The Mini-Cars were now placed into the Optimus & Malingus factions. They were given new insignia's. Malingus were a faction of the Decepticons, and included were Gears, Windcharger and Brawn. Each car was produced in 2 new colors, making 4 versions of each Mini-Car produced in Brazil.

    Written by Cesar Cappellozza & Edited by Alex Bickmore







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